All attendees will have access to the Lawyer Forward community. We will have a custom Mighty Networks group to share ideas, access educational programs, and host weekly social events. The Lawyer Forward community is designed to support you.
Every quarter, you will execute on one big idea. Using a combination of principles from the book 12-Week Year and the OKR process, you'll define and deliver one impactful project. We'll give you the process and accountability to get out of the daily Churn.
We all love a good party. The Lawyer Forward live event has been an annual opportunity for people to catch a vision and make a change. Let's move this show online. With our kickoff event, we'll set you on the right path to mindfully improve your life and career. 
We will host weekly social events, including happy hours and Q&A sessions with Mike and the team. The Mighty Networks tool also allows you to share your goals and struggles with others just like you.
You need swag. We all need swag. But for this event, we are sending you something special. You will get a signed copy of Lawyer Forward plus a custom productivity journal. Oh, and also swag.
What is Lawyer Forward without Mike & Angela's Awesome Mix? We will collect our favorite songs from the year and set the tone for a fun and inspiring event. (Apparently the kids all use Spotify now.)
There are a lot of really smart people in the world—we'll bring them to you. Through continued interviews and courses, the best experts will share their wisdom in the Lawyer Forward community.
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